Spring forward and stay there

As winter Nor’easter Quinn came barreling this month, we were quickly back into the throws of winter. In the aftermath of the storm with piles of snow removal, power outages, broken trees and branches, I was also reminded of the hopeful days ahead when I found signs of Spring. Nature has a special way of reminding us of who is in charge. I often use these occasions and take time to reflect on all things life – a huge part of which is finances! (amiright?)

Nor’easter or not, March is a good time to reflect on your finances as a flurry of activities happens this month - Daylight savings (ugh!), filed or ready to file taxes (another ugh!), end of first 3 months of the year, planning of summer camps and vacations, weddings, graduations etc.

So, when it comes to finances, we shouldn’t need a nor’easter to remind us of who is in charge. Now if someone can do something about getting rid of Daylight savings time and keep us on one time all year,  wouldn’t that make life a little easier! 
Have a great month everyone and if you have any questions, just post in the comment section.


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