Financial Literacy: Did your state get an A?

The month of June brings in warmth and lots of celebrations like end of the year school concerts, graduations and moving on ceremonies, new jobs or housing moves etc. etc. 
As the school year wraps up June also brings end of the school year and that means final exams for a lot of grades. Financial Literacy, though not a common subject in most grade or colleges was recently graded in a study. This study graded from A-F the level of financial literacy education given in all the States in America. 
This week, I thought I will poll my readers to see if they knew what letter grade their state received by this study. I am keeping the name anonymous as the poll is ongoing and will compile and send the results once it closes. Good Luck! 

Do this survey to find out

Did your state get an A?

Results will be compiled and shared in 2 weeks.


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